About Us

JStreet Branding is an Atlanta-based flux design agency founded in 2005 by Julian Streete. Originally J Street Clothing and the provider of heat press apparel, the company began organically in a Texas college dorm. After Streete’s acceptance and transfer to Morehouse College, J Street Clothing began the transformation into JStreet Branding.

The final decision to make the shift from clothing company to branding agency came in the form of a summer internship at Ogilvy & Mather, the world’s largest ad company. The experience sparked a new vision for Streete who felt inspired by the agency’s culture and audacious history. Today JStreet Branding is an agency with grit that aides new companies and brands from conception to crossroads and designs products employing creative services to bring it all together.

We believe that your rep is your portfolio at JStreet so we offer quality service and design for quality clients. We’re a company of millennials who represent a targeted multi-cultural audience and are often the initiators of popular trends. Who best to speak to this demographic than a company that’s made up of it?

We dream, design, deliver.