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The Hundreds is a successful street brand and merchandising company. The founders Ben and Bobby have changed street culture and raised the standards for other brands within the category. In addition to influencing the culture and creating great merchandise, co-founder Bobby Hundreds shares his thoughts through the company blog. Here’s his post on the 10 Rules of Brand-Building. You can find his entire post here.

– JS


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Record Breaking Sunday | Touchdowns and Trends

NFL: New York Jets at Cincinnati Bengals

Sunday, December 29th, NFL teams played the last game of their regular season.

Watching the Bengals seize yesterday’s phenomenal home-win while we live-tweeted from the A.J. Green “Team Green” account, I realized that I personally was experiencing a lot of excitement. Many fates hang in the balance of the outcome of the last game. The fate of the winning, losing and mediocre teams, of the players in search of a ring before retirement, of the losingest coaches expecting to get fired the very next morning – it’s all determined by the last game.

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