Record Breaking Sunday | Touchdowns and Trends

NFL: New York Jets at Cincinnati Bengals

Sunday, December 29th, NFL teams played the last game of their regular season.

Watching the Bengals seize yesterday’s phenomenal home-win while we live-tweeted from the A.J. Green “Team Green” account, I realized that I personally was experiencing a lot of excitement. Many fates hang in the balance of the outcome of the last game. The fate of the winning, losing and mediocre teams, of the players in search of a ring before retirement, of the losingest coaches expecting to get fired the very next morning – it’s all determined by the last game.

Among the pendulum of regular season fates, there are always the record-breakers. A.J. Green and his teammates, Andy Dalton and Marvin Jones Jr., each came close to or shattered them. Special congrats to our client, A.J., who surpassed the record for second-most receiving yards in the NFL!

Thanks to world’s 160-character breaking-news source, Twitter, we noticed from fan engagement how many were aware of the Bengals’ record-breaking Sunday. Trends, no matter how large or small, are items to be mindful of in today’s “stream economy.” By sharing creative content, we can capitalize on the moment. So that’s what we did.

Working quickly during halftime, we were able to join the conversation by creating a well-branded, statistically-accurate graphic and then tweeting it from the Team Green account. 300 “retweets” and 200 “favorites” later, the message entered virality. The magnitude was even more fast-growing on A.J.’s verified Facebook fan page because his fan base there is extremely engaged.

Like any trend, it’s best to catch it at its at peak.

Utilize a sense of creative urgency and trend-spotting for your own company, organization or brand. Those who are switched on use memes, Vine videos, polls, etc., across various social media platforms to gain influence. Do your research, there are a lot of brands out there who are doing it right.

Congratulations to all of the teams who made it to the post-season and to last night’s record-breaking players.

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